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To build a successful blog, you need to understand the medium of blogging. You need to know what makes a great blog layout, what types of content perform well on blogs, and how to optimize individual pieces of content. And the best way to develop this understanding is to read the best blogs out there.

In fact, you want to read a wide range of blogs. You should read blogs in the topic you want to write about, blogs about other subjects you want to learn about, and blogs about how to build a successful website/blog/online business. 👔

This list of the best blogs will help you create a well-rounded understanding of not just the individual topics they cover, but the overall medium of blogging.

There are lots of great blogs to talk about, so let’s dive right in! 🏄

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Best blogs to help you become a successful blogger

These blogs will help you learn about various aspects of blogging, from setting up a high-quality website to utilizing various monetization strategies on your blog.

The best:

Best WordPress blog: ThemeIsle

WordPress is the ultimate platform for blogging. ThemeIsle is the ultimate blog for helping you understand that platform, making it an ideal opening for this list of the best blogs. ThemeIsle has eight years’ worth of articles about WordPress, website building, blogging, and running an online business.

✍ Check out these articles to start:

ThemeIsle posts multiple new articles every week. You can stay up-to-date with these articles by subscribing to the ThemeIsle newsletter.

Best UX blog: Dribble

Dribble is one of the best UX blogs on the web.

UX, short for User Experience, is one of the most important things to consider when creating a blog. You can learn all about this essential aspect of website building from Dribble. Dribble offers more than just articles, too. You can take live workshops, enroll in a degree program created in partnership with the UX Design Institute, and even find design jobs here. Or, if you don’t want to perfect UX yourself, you can click Find talent to hire a designer.

✍ Check out these articles to start:

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to sign up for email updates, so you’ll have to revisit this blog every few weeks to see the new articles.

Want access to even more resources to help you create fantastic UX? Check out our list of the best UX blogs for additional UX inspiration.

Best SEO blog: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is arguably the best blog for SEO on the web.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your site more visible on search engines, helping you build website traffic in a more sustainable way than social media or paid ads. The Ahrefs blog offers a variety of articles to help you master this optimization process. Some types of content you can expect to find here are lists of high-quality SEO and marketing tools, in-depth guides on various aspects of SEO, and detailed studies of SEO trends.

✍ Check out these articles to start:

Ahrefs publishes multiple articles every week. You can keep up to date by subscribing to the Ahrefs newsletter. And if you want even more resources to help you with your SEO you can check out our list of the top SEO blogs.

Best customer experience (CX) blog: Customer Think

Customer Think has one of the best blogs for customer service professionals and those in the industry.

If you want your readers to become customers, you’ll need to provide a great experience for them – and Customer Think can help you do this. This blog offers guides on various aspects of CX, close looks at how specific companies approach CX, and news related to the CX industry.

✍ Check out these articles to start:

Customer Think releases new articles every week and you can join the Customer Think newsletter to make sure you catch them all. You can also learn even more about CX by checking out our list of the top customer experience blogs.

Best social media blog: Social Media Examiner

As the name suggests, Social Media Examiner is one of the best blogs for social media topics.

Several of the internet’s best blogs talk about how to build a social media platform, and Social Media Examiner is the leader of the pack. This blog features a mix of social media news and actionable strategies for building a following on all of the major social media platforms.

✍ Check out these articles to start:

New articles are posted two to three times per week. You’ll find a signup form for the Social Media Examiner newsletter at the top of the homepage, and you’ll get a free industry report when you sign up.

Best blogs to inspire your content

These blogs can help you find topics worth writing about in a variety of niches. They also provide great examples of the types of content that work well in the blogging medium.

The best:

Best tech blog: Mashable

Mashable is one of the best blogs for technology content.

Mashable is a technology blog that focuses on the technology we use in our everyday lives. You’ll find news and reviews of smart phones, laptops, and other tech on this blog. And it’s not just technology. On Mashable, you can find interesting articles about science, entertainment, and travel, making it one of the best blogs to follow if you have numerous interests and want to learn about them all in one place.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

Mashable publishes a variety of new articles every day. There are four Mashable newsletters you can use to keep track of the content you’re most interested in – choose Light Speed for science and tech info. And if you want even more tech content you can check out our list of the best tech blogs.

Best finance blog: FinMasters

FinMasters is the best blog for finance topics on the internet.

Whether you want help mastering your own finances or understanding the world of finance as a whole, FinMasters has you covered. The blog offers detailed articles about a variety of topics related to finance, plus a myriad of tools like loan calculators and bill tracker templates.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

FinMasters publishes several new articles every week. You can stay up to date with these articles by signing up for the newsletter through the form on the blog’s main page.

Best craft blog: A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is one of the best craft blogs available.

A Beautiful Mess earns the title of best craft blog by offering almost 5,000 posts on a wide range of crafty topics. You’ll find tutorials for creating artsy crafts, practical crafts, and home decor. And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll be pleased to learn that A Beautiful Mess also publishes a mix of easy and complex recipes, general advice for living well, and fashion/style guides.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

A Beautiful Mess publishes articles every day. You can make sure you never miss an article by subscribing to their newsletter using the form in the website’s footer. Or, if you want to check out blogs dedicated to specific types of crafts, check out our guide to the best craft blogs.

Best mental health blog: NAMI

NAMI is an excellent mental health blog and among the best on the web.

Blogging for mental health can be a powerful way to share your own story, analyze research, and combat the stigma around mental illness and mental health treatments. NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, runs a blog that does all of these things. You’ll find articles looking at research, personal stories from both clinicians and people suffering from mental illness, Q&As with mental health professionals, and more on this blog.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

The NAMI blog generally publishes new articles once a week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a newsletter, so you’ll have to bookmark the site and visit it on a regular basis to see new content.

Best sustainability blog: The Honest Consumer

The Honest Consumer has a world-class sustainability blog.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, you need to follow The Honest Consumer. This blog focuses on how – and where – to shop ethically, and even features a brand directory where you can quickly find sustainable brands for a variety of products. There are also articles on mindful living and building sustainability into your overall lifestyle.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

The Honest Consumer posts two to three articles per week. You can stay updated on the most recent articles by subscribing to The Honest Consumer’s newsletter using the signup form in the website footer. And if you want to learn even more about sustainability, check out our list of the best sustainability blogs.

Best food blog: Serious Eats

Serious Eats stands out as one of the best food blogs in a very competitive niche.

No discussion of the best blogs would be complete without mentioning one of the most popular blog categories: food blogs. This was a difficult category to choose a winner for, though, as there are dozens of subniches ranging from different cultural cuisines to fast/easy recipes to kitchen gear reviews. There are also thousands of blogs in each of these subniches and thousands more are created every day. In fact, in 2021 – 2022 food was the third most popular topic for new blogs, with 13% of all new blogs created being dedicated to food [1].

After a lot of browsing through popular blogs in the food category, I chose Serious Eats. This blog features everything you’ll need to become a kitchen master: recipes, tutorials for all kinds of kitchen techniques, equipment reviews, and more.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

Serious Eats publishes multiple articles every week. You can stay updated on the latest articles by signing up for the newsletter. On desktop, you’ll find the link for this in the top right corner of the page. On mobile, you’ll see the form as soon as you open the menu using an icon in the top left corner.

Best travel blog: Travel Lemming

Travel Lemming is one of the best blogs for travel content.

Want to explore the world? Travel Lemming is here to help. This online travel guide contains thousands of articles written by both locals living in common travel locations and expert travelers. Along with these articles about specific locations, you’ll find travel tips on topics like saving money, finding the best travel gear, and more.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

Travel Lemming publishes new articles all the time, and you’ll find a signup form for the Travel Lemming newsletter in the website footer.

Best fashion blog: Mia Mia Mine

Mia Mia Mine is a top blog for fashion content.

When it comes to fashion, Mia Mia Mine is one of the best blogs out there. Aimed at the professional woman, this blog will teach you how to look great in various colors and styles. This blog also shares what’s worth investing in, what pieces you can save money on, home decor pieces that can make your home feel more fashionable, and more.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

Mia Mia Mine posts new articles at least once a week. You can make sure you never miss an article by scrolling to the bottom of the main page and using the signup form there to join the newsletter.

Best relationship blog: Love and Life Toolbox

Love and Life Toolbox is one of the top blogs for love and relationship topics.

Love and Life Toolbox was a contender for two categories on this list of the best blogs: relationships and mental health. This is because it places heavy emphasis on how improving your own mental health can improve your relationships. It also talks about all kinds of relationships: your relationship with yourself, friends and family relationships, and romantic relationships.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

The Love and Life Toolbox publishes new articles on a regular basis, but you won’t find a newsletter. Instead, you can follow the Love and Life Toolbox on social media platforms linked to in the website footer. And if you want even more advice on how to build better relationships (and inspiration for your own relationship blog) you can check out our list of the best relationship blogs.

Best parenting blog: Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family is among the best blogs for parenting articles and insight.

Last on our list of best blogs is the best parenting blog around: Your Modern Family. This blog features advice on parenting kids in all stages of life and kid-friendly recipes and activities. Plus you’ll find some great articles on how to take care of your home, your (and your kids’) health, and your finances while parenting.

✍ Check out these articles to get started:

Your Modern Family typically publishes at least two articles per week. You’ll find a signup form for the blog’s newsletter about halfway down the page (2/3 down the page on mobile), making it easy for you to stay up to date with new content. And if you want even more advice and inspiration for successful parenting – and running a successful parenting blog – you can check out our full list of the best parenting blogs.

More sources of inspiration 🚀

Reading the best blogs can greatly inspire your own blogging journey. You’ll discover lots of ways to make your blog great, examples of how you can monetize your blog, and topics you can write about in your blog articles. With these examples to learn from, you might even find your own blog on a list of the best blogs someday!

Checking out the best blogs isn’t the only way to get inspiration, either.

You can also find ideas through sources like our list of unique blog post ideas or use our strategies for overcoming writer’s block to make sure you have a steady stream of article ideas.

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