Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Spark Sales on Amazon

It’s February again, and love is in the air. For football fans, this month is all about the love of the game, with Super Bowl LVIII just around the corner. And for the romantics, February brings the year’s biggest celebration of love: Valentine’s Day. 

This year, love and sports are colliding in a big way on game day, with fans entranced by a certain blossoming romance. 

Since early in the season, it’s been almost impossible to talk about football without talking about Taylor Swift. When she showed up to support Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce during a game in September, the world collectively lost its mind – and things haven’t been the same since.

In this post, we take a look at Amazon market data from Jungle Scout Cobalt to see how football’s biggest love story is influencing shopping trends ahead of the big game.

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Swelce at the Super Bowl

Swift and Kelce’s couple name has been a source of hot debate. While Kelce seemed to throw in for “Swelce” by signing a jersey baring the moniker, many Swifties are still stuck on #Tayvis. Regardless, fans of both names are searching and shopping for products related to the couple.

Amazon Search Trends: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

In anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday – and with everyone talking about the Swift-Kelce romance – searches related to both TayTay and Trav are up on Amazon.

In the last 90 days…

  • Searches for “Taylor Swift merch” are up 186% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Taylor Swift stuff” are up 190% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Travis Kelce poster” are up 127% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Travis Kelce” are up 85% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Travis Kelce Funko Pop” are up 66% on Amazon

The coupling of the Taylor Swift effect and the Super Bowl is also fueling interest in Kansas City Chiefs products, with some related searches increasing more than 1,000% on Amazon.

In the last 90 days…

  • Searches for “Kansas City Chiefs kids” are up 1,304%
  • Searches for “Chiefs merch” are up 1,066% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Kansas City” are up 941%
  • Searches for “Chiefs gear” are up 353% on Amazon
  • Searches for “Kansas City Chiefs” are up 316%

Amazon Sales Trends: Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift Products

Fans aren’t just talking about Swift and Kelce, they’re flocking to Amazon to find products to display their support for the couple.

In the last 7 days, sales of “Swelce” themed products are up 96% on Amazon.

This card – one of the top-selling Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce products on Amazon right now – checks all the boxes: Swiftie support, football fandom, and Valentine’s Day. In the last week, sales are up almost 70%.

Sales of this sweatshirt from Go All Out – which sports the words “Go Taylor’s Boyfriend” and bares Kelce’s jersey number – have grown just under 300% in 7 days.

With rumors swirling about whether Kelce and Swift might get engaged at the Super Bowl, this “Go Mr. Swift” tee from Gunshowtees has also become a fan favorite, with 260% sales growth over the same 7-day period.

Other fans are choosing a more political display of support: Sales of this Swift-Kelce 2024 shirt are up 150% in the last week.

All the attention is generating sales for individual Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce products, too.

Since the cultural reset that was Swelce’s relationship reveal in September, sales of Travis Kelce products have grown 88% and sales of Taylor Swift products have increased 89%.

Travis Kelce Product Trends

Sales of this Outerstuff Travis Kelce jersey grew more than 330% on Amazon over the last 7 days.

And sales of this Kelce poster from Jamjum are up 83% in 7 days.

This Travis Kelce tee from Fanatics has also seen a sales boost – nearly 60% in the last week.

Taylor Swift Product Trends

Sales of this Taylor Swift birthday card from Giftsfarm are up over 600% in the last 7 days.

Swifties are reaching for this Taylor Swift signature guitar, leading to a 7-day sales increase of 220%.

Over the same 7-day period, sales of this Taylor Swift poster are up over 200%.

The Power of Pop Culture for Generating Sales

The most powerful pop culture moments are those that surface unexpectedly, creating sweeping conversation that almost unavoidably alters consumer demand.

The trends shared in this report illustrate how impactful it can be for brands and entrepreneurs to grab onto these moments, joining in the conversation with new products or variations that align with the unique zeitgeist of the moment.

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About This Report

The product data in this report is representative of the U.S. Amazon market. Market insights on Amazon products were sourced from Jungle Scout Cobalt, an industry-leading market intelligence, advertising optimization, and ecommerce reporting platform powered by trillions of Amazon data points. 90-day search trends reflect the 90-day period leading up to January 27, 2024. 7-day sales trends reflect the period of January 21, 2024 – January 27, 2024 compared to the 7 days prior.

We encourage you to share, reference, and publish this report’s findings with attribution to “Jungle Scout Cobalt” and a link to this page.

For more information, specific data requests, media assets, or to reach the report’s authors, please contact us at [email protected].

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